Saturday, November 14, 2009

Eating around the Disneyland Resort...

This is a different kind of post for me.  Instead of cooking a Disney recipe, I am going to review some of the foods I have eaten at Disneyland/California Adventure over the past few weeks.

Part of my job as a Disney Travel Consultant is of to be informed about all things Disney.  Since I live fairly close to Disneyland and California Adventure, I go to the parks once a week to research all aspects of the resort, and to do Tweets for our Twitter friends.  It is really fun, and I have the ambitious goal to try everything that the Disneyland Resort has to offer...  including the food.

Everyone has their favorite Disney treats, for example, I LOVE Dole Whip Floats.  I could eat them every week, but I have decided that I need to branch out and try new foods each visit.

I will start with with my visit on October 9th.  Disneyland was very crowded this day, so I decided that I would just grab lunch from a food cart.  Unbelievably, I had never had one of those huge turkey legs... and I knew that people raved about them.  From the number of people I saw walking around with those Flintstone-era turkey legs, I figured they had to be good.  So, I ordered one from a cart near Big Thunder Mountain with a bottle of Diet Coke and I sat down to a wonderful view of the Rivers of America.

Here is the leg:

And the view:

The turkey leg was very good.  The sticky coating took me by surprise, but it was very flavorful and there was a ton of meat on the leg.  Too much for one person, really.  I couldn't finish it.

That is one of the issues I do run into at Disney... too much food for a single person.  Since I often do my weekly visits by myself, I end up wasting food or just stuffing myself.  It is nice to have a friend to split items, and then you aren't too full to eat a fun snack later :)

Later on I did find more room in my tummy for my favorite snack... Dole Whip Float!  Yes, I know I said that I was branching out, but I figure that I can fit one Dole Whip Float into my rotation.  It will be my last for awhile. The Tiki Juice Bar was so busy that the Dole Whip line looked like it should be for a ride.  Then, when I got up to the counter I had to wait another 5 minutes because the machine had overheated!  I finally got my Float and I was happy.

I love pineapple, so I love the intensely sweet juice with the more subtle pineapple flavor of the ice cream.  The texture is very light and smooth and the whole thing is just very refreshing.   Thumbs up!


  1. Hello again Susan , I just realized you are here in Disneyland land . I previously wrote you and was under impression you were an east coaster, sorry. Those turkey legs are awesome arent they? The only thing I never hear anybody comment on is that the taste dosent even resemble turkey at all. When you take any piece of meat and shoot it full of salt and molasses and liquid smoke, its HAM ! Thats what it should be called TURKEY HAM. I love ham , Disneyland does need to give us a little more than a small sheet of paper to serve these prehistoric drumsticks though. Maybe wrapped in foil or in a cone or box or something. Be glad you got the DIET COKE , they are loaded with calories and sodium but sooo sooo delicious. Thanks for the interesting blog

  2. I am sure you know this but just incase you dont take advantage . NEVER wait in the main line for anything DOLE at the Enchanted TIKI ROOM. Always enter the que for the Tiki Room and order your treats from that side of the stand. Almost never a line and no better place to enjoy your whip, stick or float than inside one of Walts favorite attractions

  3. That is a good tip about the Tiki Room side of the Dole Whip line. I have done that in the past, but there was a long line for that side too, if you can believe it. Disneyland was incredibly busy during their Halloween time promotion. Thanks for reading (and commenting on) my blog!